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Art against gender violence

The exhibition Zapatos Rojos arrives to Copenhagen

Organized by the international organization WoMi, the Mexican exhibition will take place for the first time in Denmark, aiming to make visible and raise awareness about gender violence and femicides.

Zapatos Rojos (Red Shoes) will be displayed the next Saturday 18th of September in Rådhuspladsen, hosted by the international organization Women-Migrants (Wo-Mi), in collaboration with the collectives Solidarity with Ayotzinapa and Imágenes del Sur from Sweden.

The exhibition is the work of Elina Chauvet, who first presented it in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in 2009. The artist describes the exposition as a meeting between art and collective memory, with the goal of raising awareness about femicides, a worldwide phenomenon that refers to women being murdered because of their gender.

The red women’s shoes bear a heavy symbolism. It is not just red for blood, but also for the emptiness that the shoes embody. The absence of the one who is gone, in an unexpected and violent way. The arrangement of the shoes that stand together also gives a concrete picture of the scale of the problem of violence against women. And it is far from declining, but rather dramatically increasing, not only in Mexico and Latin America, but across the world.

Martha Salazar, chairwoman of WO-Mi’s, highlights that «it is highly relevant to show the exhibition once again: the crisis that comes from the pandemic has revealed the structure of repression and the increase of violence in close relations, even in Denmark». Moreover, the organization invites the visitors to walk through the shoes and leave message in social media using the hashtags #zapatosrojosartepublico #arts+rightsmigrantspace.