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Women ~ Migrants

We work towards ensuring a life free from violence and discrimination for every woman.
About us

Helping women to advance in the effective fulfillment of their rights

We are a platform created by a group of Latin American women that seek to advance in the effective fulfillment of the rights of all women and girls, and visibilize the needs, positions, conditions in migration and to enhance coherence and an enable environment for non-discrimination. 

The creation of this space springs from the need to find, through coalitions, alliances and projects, useful mechanisms and practical tools from, for, and with migrants in Denmark and in the world, which allow us practices to participate politically as subjects of rights in equal conditions in democratic spaces. 

Wo-Mi follows the Istanbul Convention definition of violence and underlines pluralisms in present and future definitions.


Actively work for the fulfillment of human rights and equality of all women and girls and visibilize from, for and with migration, conditions of exclusion, inequality, and violence to create tools for transformation. Go beyond rights 1) agencies 2) resources and; 3) capacities to build a future together between human and nature.


Generate projects towards free, egalitarian, equitable, peaceful and gender just societies without any form of discrimination or violence. Create and give visibility, from an intersectional and intergenerational feminist analysis, to practices, narratives, mechanisms and tools from, for and with migrant women and girls. Facilitate access to adequate information and build alliances and coalitions that allow us to work within national and international support networks. 

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We are working with migrants in Denmark and in the world.

Our objectives

Wo-Mi understands the «Migrant» concept broadly including but not exclusively women and girls in migration such as asylum seekers, temporary workers, exiled, diaspora, refugees, displaced, irregular migrants, students and women’s families here and abroad, from and to countries of origins, transits and destinations. 

Promote all women rights and gender equality, the right to a life free of any form of violence, including women and gender-based violence, discrimination and inequality, and to visibilize the conditions, positions and needs of migrant women and girls through building a collective platform.

Influence gender responsive laws, policies, action plans and the like especially about migration regardless of legal status, categorization and segmentation, and to create space for reflection on how to advance beyond rights and commitments to agencies, resources and capacities to overcome inequalities both within and outside Denmark.

Take part in alliances and coalitions on issues of human rights with a feminist intergenerational and intersectional analysis and, in actions and initiatives related to structural and systemic barriers, gaps, and misinformation that affect differentially all women and girls through i.a. Arts + rights, migrant or mixed spaces, and storytelling/ narratives.

Provide legal support, practical tools and useful information for the fulfillment of women’s and girl rights, from an approach that intersect gender equality and justice with climate justice, migrant justice, labor justice, economic and social justice, among others.

Our Events
We organize events to spread the word, influencing the way people, organisations, and movements think and act.